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May 12, 2013


Paramourtal Vol. Two
More Tales of Undying Love and Loving the Undead
Edited by Kevin Hosey and K. Stoddard Hayes

''A LOT OF SURPRISES...This is definitely
a book I would recommend buying.''
--The Paranormal Romance Guild

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Presenting the second collection in our series of award-nominated heart-stopping paranormal romance stories. The print edition is available now. Digital editions will be available soon.

The anthology includes these ten dark and romantic tales:

Angel's Touch by Alicia Wright Brewster
While rescuing a soul from the demon Kaia, the angel Alonis compels her to see the suffering she causes. It sparks a life-altering change -- for both of them.

Brownie Points by Wayne Ligon
When Vickie hires Zed, a paranormal pest exterminator, they fall into a deadly trap. To escape, they must battle an otherworldly force threatening the entire planet.

Bump in the Night by Nicole Dethmers
One night, lonely Maggie finds a handsome, novice bogeyman under her bed. Instead of fearing him, she realizes he may be exactly what she needs.

Chindi Moon by Kevin Hosey
While volunteering at a Navajo clinic, Logan, a young doctor, meets the beautiful Sialei. He soon learns that strange powers exist in her village that are both wonderful -- and horrifying.

Dancing with the Rain by Timothy Buller
In 1953, a Japanese girl with seemingly miraculous abilities arrives in a small Texas town. Her appearance ignites a wide range of emotions, especially in a young man named Ben.

The Fourth Wish by Tarl Kudrick
Tension between Candace and her genie Skragg explodes when her daughter and an imp from his world plan to marry. Even worse, they fear they can't stop it.

Lending Luck by Cheryl Rydbom
Raelin learns she has been betrothed to the swordsmith Caleb. But it's a distraction she doesn't need as she prepares to battle wicked creatures called the Fomori.

The Shimmer in the Woods by Leslie S. Rose
Out to avenge his sister Gretel's death, a grown Hansel encounters a luminous female spirit. She offers to help him vanquish the witch, but she demands a terrible price in return.

A Single Touch by Julie Luton
After his niece is kidnapped, Matt turns to psychic Brianna for help. When their burgeoning emotions threaten to disrupt Brianna's powers, Matt fears he may lose his niece forever.

Split Apart by Nicky Peacock
Genevieve, a Fae, and Michael, a human, are two halves of the same soul, destined to be lovers. But when they are tricked into becoming enemies, it may damn both their races forever.

The book will also feature illustrations by Mark Offutt, artist for Gods of Justice.

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