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October 31, 2011


Tales of Undying Love and Loving the Undead
Edited by Kevin Hosey and Evelyn Welle

Paramour: a lover. Paramortal: a supernatural being. Together, they become PARAMOURTAL, a collection of spellbinding new paranormal romance stories by some of the most talented writers today. Suspenseful, dangerous, humorous, heartwarming and just plain scary as hell, these varied dark tales will grip your heart and haunt you forever. To see the full front and back covers, click on the photo at right. To order, click on the buttons.

''A delightful book of fairytales for grownups.''
--The Paranormal Romance Guild
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The anthology includes:

A Touch of Sand by Nicole Brugger-Dethmers
The ancient Sandman is forbidden to love humans. Then he gazes upon the beautiful face of Angeline. Determined to know why she stirs his cold heart, he whisks her away. Angeline's devoted admirer, Nicholas, vows to rescue her anyway he can--even if it means dealing with a witch.

Dark Legacy by Elizabeth Ireland
As a teenager, Katherine was saved from drowning by a mysterious lake spirit. Years later, she returns to that lake to face a dark pact her family has kept secret for generations. It is a pact that threatens her life. And even her beloved husband, Patrick, may not be able to save her.

The Fisherman's Wife by K. Stoddard Hayes
In a bucolic Irish fishing village, Sean shares a perfect life and loving relationship with his beautiful wife, Muireen. But then Muireen discovers a very dark secret he has hidden for years. Now Sean must fight to right a terrible wrong--or risk losing his wife forever.

The Prince and the Spoon by Kelly Wisdom
Walking in the park, Summer is threatened by strange fairy tale creatures who claim to know her. An odd yet intriguing young man named Hunter comes to her rescue, but they are taken captive by a power-hungry fairy king who demands they turn over a magical spoon. And then things really get weird.

The Flower of Hell by Noree Cosper
Demon hunter Gabriella devoted her immortal life to finding the vile creature that slaughtered her family. Tracking it to Paris, she encounters Dimitri, a handsome vampire hunter. Forced to seek his aid, she becomes distracted by long forgotten desires. But it is a distraction that may get them killed.

His Familiar Touch by L.K. Below
Denied the ability to shift into her natural cougar form, young Rikkita is an outcast among her people. To unlock her powers, she heads for San Jose on a journey of discovery and desire. There, she meets Derek, a charming and mystifying man who may have the answer she seeks--for a price.

Of Fate and Fire by Rebecca Rhielle
As a child, Eleia lost her parents and village to savage marauders. Rescued by gypsies, she was given a new life. Now, on the verge of learning what her true destiny will be, she falls in love with a beguiling stranger named Aurelius. But she soon discovers that his past is even darker than hers.

Sympathy From the Devil by M.C. DeMarco
While protecting a soul from temptation, guardian angel Ariel encounters her rival, Forcas, a charming fallen angel. Forcus has never been much of a challenge, yet this time he is more devious than ever. To rescue her charge, Ariel learns she may have to strike a dangerous deal with this devil.

The Underlying Beat by Evelyn Welle
Popular yet reclusive composer Lee fascinates music representative Megan. But as she delves deeper into the mysterious Lee's hidden past, mystifying forces invade her life. Soon she confronts inexplicable visions that test not only her sanity--but also her heart.

Rain by Kevin Hosey
After losing his beloved wife to another man, successful author Kyle drives to a mountain cabin to escape the world. Teetering on a suicidal brink of despair, he meets a beautiful young woman in the forest. But there is something strange about her. She can only appear when it rains.

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