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August 03, 2012


Cliffhanger Books is a critically-acclaimed publisher specializing in print and digital anthologies of genre short stories. Based in Texas, Cliffhanger is dedicated to giving readers the finest examples of fiction we can offer. We're also committed to helping talented people find a place to share their vivid tales of imagination.

Our mission is to release collections of hard-hitting, pulse-pounding and spine-tingling stories that will have you gripping your seat. So Welcome to the Edge! We hope you enjoy the ride.

Project Editors

Kevin Hosey, Senior Project Editor (All Books)
Kevin is an author, editor and cartoonist. Besides writing stories for and co-editing anthologies for Cliffhanger, his fiction has appeared in diverse publications such as the Star Trek Strange New Worlds collections from Simon and Schuster, Hint Fiction, Bigfoot Tales, Beyond Centauri magazine and 365Tomorrows.com. 'His tale, "Cure,'' (from Hint Fiction) was the subject of a sculpture and two short films directed by contestants for the 2012 Vail Film Festival in Colorado. Visit him at kevinhosey.net.

K. Stoddard Hayes (Gods of Justice, Paramourtal Vol. 2)
Karen is an entertainment writer who has published hundreds of articles, interviews and essays about fantasy and science fiction on screen. She also is the author of Xena: Warrior Princess, The Complete Illustrated Companion. You can read her blog about creating imaginary worlds at WorldBuildingRules! Her library of Irish history, mythology and literature fills a bookcase.

Evelyn Welle (Paramourtal)
Evelyn began her writing career as Poet Laureate of the Fifth Grade. While earning an English and journalism degree at Texas Christian University, she won two poetry awards. Evelyn is a meticulous publication and website writer and editor. In 2005, she won second place in a Romance Writers of America contest. She and her family live in north Texas.

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